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HP Ink Cartridges

 Please choose your HP inkjet printer series from the following list: Are you Looking For Toner?

We stock all the different HP ink cartridges you will need for your printer. Some of the most popular inks are as follows HP 15 - HP 78 - HP 56 - HP 57 - HP 21 - HP 22 - HP 363 - HP 364 - HP 338 - HP 339 - HP 364 - HP 901 - HP 901XL - HP 920 PLUS many more.We offer a full range of HP Compatible & HP Original Inks If you cant find what your looking for please contact us on via the contact bar below and we will respond within 48hrs.

HP ink cartridges have been in the cartridge market for at least a decade now. In the recent past it has improved its quality in term of the durability and economical nature of their applications. Most of HP consumer printers currently come with a multiple cartridge package which was introduced by the company in 2007. There are numerous advantages associated with using the multiple cartridge option but two are more manifested than the others; that is impressive printouts and secondly, HP ink cartridges are very durable. Chances of you running out of ink when using a HP cartridge model is not common as with other brands.

You should consider the nature of your printing needs before you purchase HP cartridges. If you need to print a large volume then the best option is the lower cost/page cartridge but if otherwise, then buying a new cartridge won't be a bad idea either. What matters in both cases is the need to produce high quality at a cheaper cost, and that's exactly why we at Britannia Inks offer the greatest deals on HP cartridges like no any other shop in the UK. Bear in mind that apart from stocking the best as well as the highest quality HP inkjet cartridges, we equally offer a variety of HP printer ink, ranging from HP Deskjet cartridges to HP Photosmart ink, Digital Copier, Colourpro, and Deskwrite.

The brands' three color code categories can be of best aid to inform you on the best choice of HP cartridge you need. These categories are as highlighted below:

- The standard cartridges' blue package. These come at relatively cheaper prices

- The Green package; it is for cartridges of higher value than standard cartridges and their cost/page is lower compared to that of standard cartridges. There is a new type of cartridges falling in this category, XL HP cartridges, which has increased the Cost/page savings to around 30-45%

- There are also another category of HP cartridges which are designed for customers with special requirements for their printing jobs. These cartridges are called the Red package HP Ink cartridges.

As aforementioned, we stock all the varieties of HP ink cartridges that you will need for your printing work, plus we also offer a full range of HP Original and HP compatible inks. You should as well note that these HP ink cartridges are interchangeable. That is to say that in one printer you can use both the standard color cartridges and XL HP cartridges for printing text documents.

Although most cartridges can be used in more than one printer model, there are some little differences in the cartridge production, which is dependent on the type of the printer. Normally there is a reference information on the cartridge's yield which is based on the yield of the specific cartridge on the first printer it was ever used. Therefore from the reference information you may find that the cartridge yield for your printer is different from other reference cartridges. All in all, HP's superior printing accessories guarantee you, besides the yield, high quality, productivity, efficiency and reliability.

Since finding the exact cheap HP ink cartridges can be a little bit confusing, our website's layout is such that there's a well-designed search box at the top of all our pages which will come in handy in cases of quick searches. In fact, you can just enter your cartridge's number in the box and let our site do the rest!