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Canon PIXMA MP270 Ink

If you want an all round printer for your office needs, with colour documents as well as photos being needed, you would probably go in for a Canon MP270. This is because it offers the features of printing, copying and scanning colour or black and white pictures of high resolution and speed. This is further backed by the Canon promise of quality. Yet, if you have large quantities of documents and photos to be printed, replacing the ink cartridges could become very expensive and the cost per page may be prohibitive.

Cost effective Alternatives

  • Buying the cheap ink cartridges that we offer makes a truly attractive alternative to buying expensive originals.
  • We use ISO 9001 quality ink and maintain highest standards of manufacture.
  • Our Canon MP270 ink cartridges are stringently tested and certified as being compatible to your printer.
  • We assure high quality crisp prints at a fraction of the cost of the original.
  • We back all of our products with warranties.

Though called cheap ink cartridges, nothing is cheap about our Canon MP270 ink cartridges except the price. You can print borderless photos or glossy documents for all your needs, whether for official or personal use. We also have a suitable range of colours for you to choose from. Both black as well as colours are available. We also have value packs of a combination of black and colour cartridges.

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These Canon MP270 Ink cartridges are made from high quality raw materials and we spare no effort and cut no corners to ensure that customers get a more than satisfactory performance from our products. You can also use our colour cartridges to make web pages and brochures to highlight the services your business offers.

One common problem that people have with compatible cartridges is whether they can damage the printer. Since we put all our products through quality control, they can rest assured of both their high quality and their suitability to their printer. Our Canon PIXMA MP270 Ink cartridges also have a higher quantity of ink ensuring more number of documents printed at a lower per print cost.


1.What are OEM (original)  Ink Cartridges?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Canon PIXMA MP270 Ink Cartridges is coming from the original maker, which represents good quality and guarantee, but, the price is normally higher that compatible one.

2.Will using compatible  Ink Cartridges void the printer manufacturer warranty?

No. The customers can freely choose the consumables from third parties, and the printer manufacturer cannot void the warrant by the excuse. This is stated in the law.

3.Will compatible cartridges damage my printer?

Don't worry, the manufacturer already made strict compatibility testing for us and the ink of the Canon PIXMA MP270 Ink Cartridges is made in USA. As long as following the compatible printer list we provide, there should be no problem.

4.What are compatible  Ink Cartridges?

Compatible  Ink Cartridges normally is produced by some third parties, not original manufacturer. But the products can work well in the same way as OEM cartridges. Meanwhile, the price is much lower than the OEM ones.