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Kodak ESP-C310 Ink

Kodak C310 ink comes under Code No. 30 and 30XL. Code 30 inks have a capacity of printing 335 pages, where as Code 30XL inks are double yield inkjet cartridges that can print up to 670 pages per cartridge. The calculation of total number of printouts per cartridge is based on the industry standard of 5% ink coverage on an A4 size paper and hence it varies with ink usage per page i.e. if ink coverage per page is more than 5%, the total number of printed pages will decrease and vice versa.

Kodak C310 ink cartridges are available in two independent cases, one is exclusively for Black ink and the other is for Colour inks. The buyer can choose either Black or Colour ink cartridge and can even opt for the combo pack, where Black and Colour inks can be purchased combined. Both 30 and 30XL types of cartridges are in stock of 'Britannia Inks' warehouse and you are free to choose from the OEM and compatible listings of Kodak C310 ink showcase.

Kodak 30 or 30XL inks are compatible with some other printers of ESP series like that of C110, C315 and Office 2150/ 2170. Anyway, the detailed compatibility list can be checked from the official site of Kodak.

Once selecting the required Kodak C310 ink from us, you can be confident enough on the price, delivery and quality as all the ink modules are stocked, monitored and maintained continuously with a team of highly professionals.

Apart from the OEM inks of Kodak C310, we also provides high density, superior quality compatible inks that fit and perform efficiently without any sort of problem like clogging, head jamming, etc. It is also not out of place to mention here that Britannia's compatible inks produce sharp and crispy and long lasting printouts that challenge even the OEM counterparts in look and longevity.

Today, our compatible inks are quite popular among normal users as well as professional print-shops for their cheap price and best performance. These specially designed compatible Kodak C310 ink are manufactured in a temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere with the help of automated ink filling station. High density durable inks are used in all these compatible cartridges that assures brilliant images and texts on every page. Last but not the least, one can buy a twin pack of Kodak 30XL compatible ink that consists of one Black and one colour high yield ink cartridge at a price just about that of a single 30XL Black OEM cartridge. Though Kodak C310 is very easy to handle, still one can click on below mentioned links to find more about this specific model and installation procedure of ink cartridges.

1.Why buy compatible cartridges from https://www.britanniainks.co.uk?

From us (britanniainks.co.uk), you can easily find the proper price and high quality Keywrod. What ‘more, we also provide long to 12 months warrant for you.

2.Will compatible cartridges damage my printer?

Don't worry, the manufacturer already made strict compatibility testing for us and the ink of the Kodak ESP-C310 Ink Cartridges is made in USA. As long as following the compatible printer list we provide, there should be no problem.

3.Will using compatible Kodak ESP-C310 Ink Cartridges void the printer manufacturer warranty?

No. The customers can freely choose the consumables from third parties, and the printer manufacturer cannot void the warrant by the excuse. This is stated in the law.