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Kodak ESP-C330 Ink

1.Will using compatible Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges void the printer manufacturer warranty?

No. The customers can freely choose the consumables from third parties, and the printer manufacturer cannot void the warrant by the excuse. This is stated in the law.

2.What are OEM (original) Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges are manufactured by the maker of the printer. OEM products offer excellent quality, however at very high price which is not affordable to everyone.

3.What are compatible Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges?

Compare with OEM Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges, the compatible Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges can offer same functionality as OEM one, they can work well with the OEM printer. But they are at much lower price.

4.Will compatible cartridges damage my printer?

The Kodak ESP-C330 Ink Cartridges can work well with the printer listed in compatible printer list, because the manufacturer already made many testing, and proved that their product will not damage the printer.