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Samsung Toner Cartridges

samsung-toner-cartridges.gifPlease choose your Samsung laser printer series from the following list:

Tips of using Samsung Toner cartridges :

1. Make sure the printer is powered off when installing or removing the Toner cartridges.

2. Before installing new Toner cartridge, you should jiggle a few to make the toner loose and uniform and guarantees best printing effects .

3. Avoid the photosensitive drum core contact with the light directly, and do not touch the photosensitive drum core.

4. The toner will be exhausted, no longer clear and uniform print writing, remove the cartridge jiggle a few, can continue to print dozens of pages.

5. In order to avoid affecting the normal office, the user should reserve a new Toner cartridges.

6. For Empty Samsung toner cartridges ,users should be properly packaged and placed to avoid polluting the environment.