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Samsung CLP-320

The Samsung CLP-320 toner is exactly what you need to get your printer up and running again. Compared to other common cartridges, the ones provided by Samsung are slimmer and more compact, which makes the entire replacing process a breeze. Additionally, the composition of this cartridge leads to uniform and high-quality prints every time, up to its ending period. The Samsung CLP-320 is truly uncommon printer to work as your home or office's common printer.

Specifications of Samsung CLP-320 Toner:

  • Paper Size: 76 x 152.4mm (3" x 6") - 216 x 355.6mm (8.5" x 14")
  • Paper Size for Print: A4, A5, A6, Letter, Legal, Executive, Folio, ISO B5, JIS B5, Transparency (Mono Print Only), Glossy Photo 220g/m2, Envelope, Labels, Cardstock, Recycled
  • Copy speed (mono): up to 16 cpm in A4 (17cpm in Letter)
  • Up to 4 ppm in A4 (4 ppm in Letter) Speed (Color)
  • First print out time (Mono) Less than 14 sec (From Ready Mode)
  • First print out time (Color) Less than 26 sec (From Ready Mode)
  • Resolution Up to 2400 x 600 dpi effective output
  • PCL5c, PCL 6, SPL-C(Samsung Printer Language Color) Print Emulation Manual Duplex Print

samsung clp-320 toner

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The Samsung clp-320 toner cartridges are unique not only in terms of design, but also in terms of quality. Therefore, you are to expect no failures or color leaks whatsoever, regardless of the number of pages that you print per day. Read on to see more interesting features of this product.


These cartridges come complete with an exclusive system patented by Samsung: NO NOIS. The addition of this engine means that the toner is perfectly sealed inside the cartridge's mechanism, thus eliminating the noise and vibration caused by daily printing tasks. This system also simplifies the toner changing process, since there are no bulky toners that need to be changed, but only small and easy-to-access ones instead.

Automatic toner-level monitoring system

You got tired of running out of toner exactly when some important files needed to be printed out? No need to worry ever again, since the Samsung clp-320 toners come complete with an automatic toner monitoring system. This means that you'll be automatically notified every time your printer runs low on toner.

Easy-to-change toner

These Samsung printer cartridges are backed up by a very simple replacing process, which involves no mess or hassle whatsoever. Thus, your empty cartridge can be replace by following a three-step process: 1. Open the Front Cabinet, 2. Take out the used cartridge and insert the new one, 3. Close the Cabinet. That's it, your new toner should be up and running instantly.

Genuine quality

By purchasing the Samsung CLP-320 toner you're guaranteed to enjoy consistent printing results every time. The pages that you print will be safe from any defects, and the cartridge will work as new from the time you insert it in the printer and until the time it runs out of toner.

Unique toner design

These Samsung cartridges are the lightest and smallest in their class, which makes them ideal for all home, office or business users.

Security label

The Samsung clp-320 supplies feature a security label that changes its color from clear to cyan when tilted. The embossed characters and texture also help in proving the originality of the product.

Standardized cartridge

Each Samsung cartridge manufactured for LaserJet printers has been thoroughly tested in order to meet the highest ISO quality standards. Thus, by purchasing these toners you can be sure that you're making a good and informed buying decision.

Summary, Specifications and Printer Compatibility

The Samsung CLP-320 toner supplies can help you maximize your printer's performance and achieve quality prints each and every time. Each cartridge is guaranteed to keep you going for at least 1,000 prints (color cartridges) or 1,500 prints (black cartridge). You can choose between Magenta, Yellow, Cyan and Black toner. The cartridges are entirely compatible with the Samsung CLP-320, CLP-325 and CLX-3185 Series.


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Common Knowledge & Questions about Toner Cartridges

1.A toner cartridge is a complex device that has dozens of parts, separate parts and multiple nodes. This device can be divided into these major parts: Toner - used to create the images. Body - which includes parts like the universal chip, magnetic roller sleeve, sealing, recovery and doctor blade, OPC, drum etc.;Fuser assembly - heats and firmly presses the toner to the paper. (read more)

2. A consumer always makes a choice between the different cartridges by their performance, quality and their ability to be refilled. There are four categories of toner cartridges i.e. OEM (Original equipment Manufacturer), re-manufactured, refill and compatible cartridges.Here you can find out the exact difference between them.(read more)

3.Will compatible toner cartridges damage your printer? The answer is "No". The Toner Cartridges presented by BritannianInks have been tested thoroughly to make sure they will work flawlessly with all supported printer models. Also the cartridges are filled with highest quality toner which is made in the USA to give the best protection to print head.

Common Questions for Toner Cartridges installation

1. What is the procedure of installing or changing a laser printer toner cartridge?

The entire procedure of changing a spent-out cartridge with a new one, and it shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to complete.Open the printer's cover;Remove the depleted cartridge;Remove the new cartridge from its package, shake it slightly, and remove the duct tape which prevents air's penetration inside the cartridge;Insert the cartridge into your laser printer and gently press down to secure its position;
Close the printer's cover and print one or two test pages.Done! sounds easy? yes, but only under the proper procedures, you can read more from this: (read more).

2. What are the most frequently met problems during and after the installation of laser printer toner and how can they be solved?

For the installation, it is as a word of caution. Do not expose your new cartridge to ambient light for a long time because the light rays may damage it. What are the most frequently met problems during and after the installation of laser printer toner, and how can they be solved? There are many problems which can occur during or after the installation of a laser toner cartridge. If you meet these, how to handle them, here is the some tips: (read more)

Problems Related to Toner Cartridges

Often, you may face a situation when your laser printer would not work. The laser printer toner used in cartridges is a powder. The toner is fused onto the paper with heat and pressure while printing. Many problems related to toner cartridges are unique. Some of these problems can be easily resolved. However, at times, it may be difficult to find the real problem and it may require replacing a new toner cartridge for making the printer function properly. If your printer is functioning correctly, most of the time, the problem is with the cartridge. Please click here to find detail information and solution about these problems.