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CISS & Bottled Ink Systems

Continuous Ink Supply Systems - CISS for Epson, Canon, HP and Brother


A continuous ink supply systems, CISS is an ink supply system that
delivers a large and unlimited amount of ink to an inkjet print head that is comparatively small. A CISS is made up of cartridges, ink containers and multi channel trails. The CISS first came into use in the early nineties and today it has grown to become a very popular around the world.



The printer is installed with ink cartridges that are connected to the ink containers through small tubes made of silicon. All air that might be in the cartridges is removed, as the printer draws out ink from the cartridges it creates a vacuum causing the ink to be pulled into the cartridges through the tubes. This means that as long as there is ink in the ink containers, the ink will flow into the cartridges as per the printer's requirements. It takes ten to twenty minutes to install the ink system to the jet printer's installation does not require any professional skills.


Although you will need to invest some money when you get started, using the CISS is guaranteed to save you money because rather than buying a whole cartridge you will only need to buy ink.Since the ink tanks are see through you can be able to see when the ink is running out and replace it as you print. This means that you no longer need to stop the whole process when you need ink because the ink is not contained in the cartridges.Since there is no need to replace cartridges, the printer does not need to run a cleaning and alignment process thus you will be able to save your ink and time.The cartridges are always full and you are assured of having the same colors produced even if you have many pages to print.

Always make sure that the ink tanks are not above the cartridges because if they are the difference of the pressure in the tanks may cause the ink to flow into the print head and create puddles on your paper. The reservoir tanks should not also be placed lower than the printer because the printer might be unable to draw enough ink into the cartridges through the tubes.

Make sure that the ink tanks and cartridges do not contain too much air in them as this may prevent the ink from getting into the printer. Also the breather holes located on top of the ink tanks should be opened so that air can get into the tanks.

If you don't use the CISS for a long time you may notice that there are air bubbles forming in the tubes. This bubbles come from the ink, but you can prevent them by purging the air out twice a year although if you use it regularly this might not be a problem. All joints and connections should be air tight in order to prevent air from entering into the system. Always check the tubes to make sure that they are not damaged.