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HP 350 Ink Cartridges

Are you one of the millions of consumers caught in the dilemma of having to buy ridiculously expensive original HP ink cartridges from your printer manufacturer? If so, you have come to the right place. Our extensive selection of high quality compatible HP 350 ink cartridges is here to offer you a way out of the vicious cycle that the printer ink cartridge market faces today.

Our story is all too familiar to anybody who uses a inkjet printer extensively. If you are somebody who was recently lured into buying that shiny new inkjet printer recently by its low price tag, here is some news for you. The way the printer market works is like this. All the major manufacturers like HP, Canon and Epson follow a business model that is called "razor and blades selling". Basically, they sell the printers cheap and make up for their losses by selling ultra expensive "original" ink cartridges that the consumers are forced to pay for. At current rates, an ounce of inkjet printer ink is more expensive than imported Russian caviar or 1985 Dom Perignon champagne of the same quantity!

This is where the compatible ink cartridges come in to the picture. There are a lot of companies out there making these compatible ink cartridges. They cost on an average a whopping 75% less than what an original cartridge from a manufacturer would cost. But are they the best option for you?

Take the case of the HP 350 ink cartridge. A good quality black ink cartridge that holds 4.5 ml of ink, the HP 350 is compatible with HP printer models in the following series:

- HP Deskjet D42xx series & D4360

- HP Officejet J57xx series & J64xx series

- HP Photosmart C42xx, C43xx, C44xx, C45x, C52xx and C53xx series

As it holds only 4.5ml of ink, a single HP 350 ink cartridge can print approximately 200 pages if you keep the average page coverage at 5%. But since that is a very low percentage, most users will find that their HP 350 cartridge runs dry much before they reach 200 pages. If you are a frequent user of your printer, then it doesn't make any sense for you to shell out huge sums of money on a regular basis. Millions of people the world over have been using compatible ink cartridges that cost a fraction of what printer manufactures charge, with little or no compromise on ink quality.

If you are looking for high quality compatible HP 350 ink cartridges, then you have come to the right place. We only sell the best quality compatible ink cartridges from reputed manufacturers. When you buy an HP 350 compatible ink from us, you need not fear about the safety of your printer or the quality of printing. As any experienced user of compatible cartridges will tell you, as long as you choose compatible cartridges manufactured by reputed companies, you will not even be able to spot any difference in ink quality between the compatible cartridge and the original cartridge. And with our after sales support leaves nothing to chance.

Buy the best quality HP 350 compatible ink cartridges from us and you will see the difference…..only in the price you pay, not in the results!