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Solving the Problem of Blinking Ink Lights on Printers


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Printers are important electronic devices because they provide hard copies for important documents. There are many types of printers which are from different manufacturers but they all work using the same mechanism. Essential items for a printer are printing papers and cartridges where the printing ink is placed. Once a printer is connected to a power source it should only show a green light which basically means it is on. A printer can however show two other orange or red lights which represent the paper/resume light and the ink light.


The paper light goes on to show that there are no printing papers on the printer and if they are there they have not been placed well. Once the papers are adjusted you will notice that the light goes off. The ink light on the other hand goes on to indicate that one or all the cartridges do not have enough ink or that they do not have ink at all. The ink light may however blink for other reasons which we are going to consider.
Reasons Why the Ink Light Blinks and How to Solve the Problem

i. Lack of ink in a single cartridge will result in blinking of the ink light and as a result the printer will not work. The only way to solve this problem is by refilling the ink supply system or purchasing new cartridges. Then, You can come here to find cheap and best quality Epson ink cartridges, Lexmark ink cartridges, Cannon ink cartridges, Brother ink cartridges, and HP ink cartridges, etc.

ii. Purchasing cartridges that are not from the same manufacturer of the printer or purchasing an ink supply system that comes with its own cartridges may result in ink light blink. This is because the cartridges may not be compatible with the printer which will result in the printer not recognizing the cartridges and will therefore result in blinking and the printer will not work. The only way to remedy this is by purchasing cartridges compatible with your printer.

iii. Improper placement of the cartridges causes blinking because the printer does not recognize that cartridges or ink for that matter is present. This can be solved by removing the cartridges and putting them back again; a clicking sound is an indication that the cartridges have been placed well.

iv. The ink you purchased might actually be the problem; ensure that the ink is not defective, check the expiry date and ensure that you have purchased a recently manufactured product. Also use manufacturer authorized ink otherwise your printer may never work again.

v. Improper flow of ink in the cartridges may be the problem, air bubbles may have formed in the ink. To solve this problem you will need to press the reset button until the printer begins to work again.

vi. The ink cartridge contacts may be dirty and therefore the cartridges are not being detected. This problem can be solved by cleaning the contacts using cotton swabs and distilled water. Dip the cotton swabs in the water let the excess water drip and then clean the edges gently ensuring that you leave no cotton residues behind.

vii. Sometimes the printer is just being stubborn because you may have confirmed that everything is okay and the light is still blinking. To solve this you will have to turn off the printer, turn it on again and press the reset button until the ink light goes off.

If you try all the above solutions and nothing seems to work then you may have to take the printer back to where you bought it from so that they can check it out for you.

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