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Problems Related to Toner Cartridges

Often, you may face a situation when your laser printer would not work. The laser printer toner used in cartridges is a powder. The toner is fused onto the paper with heat and pressure while printing. Many problems related to toner cartridges are unique. Some of these problems can be easily resolved. However, at times, it may be difficult to find the real problem and it may require replacing a new toner cartridge for making the printer function properly. If your printer is functioning correctly, most of the time, the problem is with the cartridge.

Common Problems

The most common problems can be a defective drum, no print, printer seizing up, light print, dark spots, ink spread, squeaking sound or a combination of few problems. Fortunately, most of these problems can be easily identified and fixed if you have some knowledge about the common problems related to toner cartridge. These problems are discussed below:

Light Printing or No Printing:

If the cartridge is not properly seated in the printer the printing can fail. The printer sensors fail to detect the cartridge in this condition. Removing , reinstalling and locking the cartridge in position can resolve the issue. Sometimes, when people install a new cartridge, they do not remove the protective strips to seal the cartridge that blocks the flow of ink.
The light print can also be caused expired toner or uneven filling in the cartridge. Remove the cartridge and shake it vigorously, and try again.

Toner Smearing the Paper:

Clean the printer, then try a test print. If the problem persists, put a new cartridge and test run a new page. If this fixes the problem, your old cartridge is bad.

Marks On the Back of the Page:

These are due to the leaking of the toner cartridge that should be replaced.

Lines And Streaks:

There may be random streaks or lines on a printed page. The problem is with the cartridge. Check the cartridge. There may be some object stuck in its casing. A cartridge is provided with a small door. You can just push it back and check if anything is stuck there. It can release the toner when it should not be released , causing the streaks.

Consistent Horizontal Lines:

This can happen, if the cartridge is not properly inserted into the printer . Remove the cartridge and reinstall it in the dock.

Random Blotches:

The printed paper can get random blotches, if the waste bin of the laser printer toner cartridge is full. Take out the cartridge and clean it. Reinstall it and take a test print.

Another reason can be the problem with the drum. For some printers, the cartridge comes with a drum. If the drum is worn out, it can also cause specs or blotches spread on the printed page. You need to replace the cartridge.

Vertical Streaks on the Printed Page:

These can happen if there is contamination in the toner that contaminates the drum or paper path. Remove the printer toner cartridge and check the drum (green cylinder) . If the toner is clinging to the drum, the laser printer toner is contaminated, and the cartridge should be replaced.

Loose Toner Particles on The Page:

The main reason for this is toner leaking from the cartridge. The cartridge might not have been properly inserted. Remove it, reinstall and check again. Replace it, if required.